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FOX News
Mar 13, 2011 6:00am EDT
quake was so powerful it literally moved the island of japan eight feet and even shifted earth on its axis. complete coverage of the devastation starts right now on this fox news sunday. >> alisyn: good morning, thank you for joining us bright and early. wish there were better news in terms of japan. more of sam as yesterday you perhaps watched live on our air, there was an explosion on one of the main nuclear plants in japan, there was fire, there was smoke, we were watching all morning and now it looks as though they're trying to prevent a meltdown, but some officials are saying they have not been able to prevent a meltdown. >> we've got reports as many as six reactors may be under trouble and may be a partial meltdown underway according to one official. there's another fukushima plant other than the one we were reporting and they're pumping sea water in and trying to cooldown the cores, but this is a last ditch effort. >> millions of people without power and death toll could top 10,000 and clearly no good news out of japan. and with analysis on the nuclear situation, jack spencer,
FOX News
Mar 20, 2011 6:00am EDT
and a hundred missiles in the nonstop assault. >> and two miracles buried in the rubble in japan, a woman and baby found alive nine days after the quake. "fox & friends" starts now. >> . >> clayton: all right. good morning everybody, thanks so much for joining us bright and early this sunday morning, we have special coverage, i welcome in my colleagues steve and brian in for clayton and dave this morning, because we're talking about what started yesterday, and french fire jets started the no-fly operation against libya and the u.s.s. battleships and launched a hundred tomahawks missiles. >> the french started at it, strikes blew up outside benghazi, at least a couple of gaddafi tanks and then the american efforts along with the british and put out over 110 tomahawk missiles from 11 vessels including three submarines and we find out about an operation in libya that started the u.s. >> that's right, we've learned that apparently a number of stealth bombers took off from the united states and presumably they took off from whiteman air force base to the south and east of kansas city, mi
FOX News
Mar 12, 2011 2:00pm EST
morning. the official death toll in japan stands at 686, but is expected to go higher, but many are missing including entire towns and villages. that's it for me from washington and rolls on in new york. i'm uma pemmaraju. have a good day and our hearts go out to the people of japan. hello i'm kelly wright, welcome to a brand new hour in america's news headquarters. >> i'm jamie colby. several new developments this hour and new video just in from japan, a town closest to the epicenter of the devastating 8.9 earthquake. amid fears of a possible nuclear meltdown after an explosion today at one of the damaged nuclear plants. >> and take a look at this, wow. that is amazing. an incredible video of the quake triggered tsunami hitting the california coast. we'll have a live report. >> jamie: also a horrifying bus crash at that took place in new york. more than a dozen people died. the search is now on for a truck driver and a truck that may have sideswiped the bus seconds before the crash. >> this is a fox news alert, reports of possible trouble at a japanese nuclear power plant. japanese
FOX News
Mar 12, 2011 11:00pm EST
. >> coming to you from little rock arkansas . . we'll get the latest from japan. >> the destruction in the northern part of japan and sendai where people are trying to get to. we had new video and picture sendai. a city of one million and said to be in a toughuation to say the least. not only earthquake damage. that was the closest major city to where the 8.9 earthquake hit and the tsunami damage . infrastructure problems. they have loved ones and shelters that haven't been able to get hold of. cell phones are down as well. for much of the day. it is tough to get information and people in and out due to the destroyed infrastructure and the nuclear situation. to that nuclear situation . the main reactor is on the road that goes from tokyo to sendai . it is up near there. that whole area is shut off. we know that the government shut off 20 kilometer circumference around the reactor but they are stopping cars 40 or 50 kilometers from the reactor. you can't get north at all . the massive tsunami that rolled through many parts of the northern island of japan. look at that destruction. we
FOX News
Mar 27, 2011 6:00am EDT
radiation levels at japan's failing nuclear complex. crews had to evacuate, of after it was ten million times higher than normal and meanwhile, scientists in the u.s. say tiny particles of radiation from japan have reached nevada, but they pose no health risks they say. a new rocket defense system going online in israel today. the 200 million dollar system meant to help protect southern israel from rocket and mortar attack launched by palestinian militant groups in gaza. violence in that region has been escalating the past week and just yesterday rocket fire destroyed houses in one israeli town and retail yated with an air strike and killing two and wounding three others. thousands of union supporters hit the streets of los angeles the group, led by the te teamsters included teachers and actors. and as the one in wisconsin with collective bargaining. right now the new union law there is in limbo. the wisconsin secretary of of state must sign it to take effect, but is refusing because there's currently a restraining order. and hollywood's funiest stars celebrated, ahe can will baldwin fo
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5